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    Morning Starburst Hybrid Vine Maple Acer x Base Size 1 Gallon Air-Pot

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    Morning Starburst Hybrid Vine Maple Tree

    Botanical Reference: Acer x


    Shipping Height vs Shipping Container Size

    1 Quart Air-Pot: 1-2 Ft

    1 Gallon Air-Pot : 2-3 Ft

    2 Gallon Air-Pot: 3-4 Ft

    3 Gallon Air Pot: 4-5 Ft


    Vine Maple x Korean Maple hybrid, with the Korean pollen parent giving this elegant maple its exceptional hardiness. Unblemished by the polar vortex event of late January ’19 at the Morton Arboretum near Chicago - minus 20° F low temp. and wind chill to minus 40°F. Attractive bronze foliage and hybrid vigor in the nursery and landscape, combined with its modest size and market-extending hardiness qualify this as a “keeper’ maple with predictable performance. Zone 5-8