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  • Kindred Spirit Columnar Oak Base Size 1 Quart Air Pot

Kindred Spirit Columnar Oak Base Size 1 Quart Air Pot

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Botanical Name : Quercus Kindred Spirit® Q. robur var. fastigiata x Q. bicolor 'Nadler'

Quercus Kindred Spirit


Shipping Height vs Shipping Container Size

1 Quart Air-Pot: 1-2 Ft

1 Gallon Air-Pot : 2-3 Ft

2 Gallon Air-Pot: 3-4 Ft

3 Gallon Air Pot: 4-5 Ft


Chief among its merits is strong mildew resistance, in contrast to columnar English oak, which often gets terribly infested with this leaf disease. Strongly columnar in outline, it's 4-5 times taller than wide in outline, significantly more columnar than the similar selection, Regal Prince®. Grafted onto vigorous Q. bicolor liners with mycorrhizal roots, these have excellent survivability without significant transplant shock. Q. robur var. fastigiata x bicolor.


Flower Color: Green
Zones: 4-8
Growth Habit: Tree
Height: 40-50
Spread: 10-15
Light Needs: Full Sun
Flowering Season: Spring
Leaf Color: Green