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Cultivars, LLC

    Shagbark Hickory Tree Base Size 1 Quart Air-Pot

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    Shagbark Hickory Tree

    Botanical Reference: Carya ovata


    Shipping Height vs Shipping Container Size

    1 Quart Air-Pot: 1-2 Ft

    1 Gallon Air-Pot : 2-3 Ft

    2 Gallon Air-Pot: 3-4 Ft

    3 Gallon Air Pot: 4-5 Ft


    This iconic American Tree has been been absent from the nursery trade for decades due to propagation challenges involving its extreme Tap Root nature. Now, due to modern Air Pruning Technology, we are able to provide beautiful Hickory Trees in genuine Air-Pots with a Healthy Vigorous Root System ready to thrive in your landscape. In Spring of 2023, we will have good availability in 1 Gallon Air-Pots. We may larger sizes by Fall of 2023. We'll keep you posted.