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  • Purple Fountain Weeping Beech Tree Base Size 1 Quart

Purple Fountain Weeping Beech Tree Base Size 1 Quart

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Fagus sylvatica 'Purple Fountain'

Purple Fountain European Beech

Differs from 'Purpurea Pendula' by being a "nursery plant" it develops a loose, upright leader instead of trying to be an ugly purple mushroom that requires constant staking. The landscape effect is charming, with pendulous branches and a loosely upright leader.


Fagus sylvatica 'Purple Fountain'

Common name: Purple Fountain European Beech

Pronunciation: FA-gus sil-VAT-i-ka

Family: Fagaceae

Genus: Fagus

Type: Broadleaf



From Oregon State University:

  • Deciduous tree, narrowly upright forming a central leader, may reach 25 ft (7.5 m) × 15 ft (4.5 m), branches hang down, leaves moderately dark purple at first, color fades in summer.
  • A seedling of ‘Purple Pendula’ raised in Holland; in North American commerce since about 1983.
  • Silverton, Oregon: The Oregon Garden