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Cultivars, LLC

    Hugo's Weeping Spruce Colorado Spruce Base Size 1 Gallon Air Pot

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    Intermediate Size  Blue-Gray HW6Fx3F

    Botanical Reference: Picea Pungens


    A rare Colorado Spruce with a strong upward growing central leader with Blue-Gray needles on Weeping Branches.  10-Year dimensions are expected to be 6 Ft High by 3 Ft wide. At the time of this posting, there were online references from other sources indicating the 10-Year DImensions as significantly taller and wider, but our inventory of 5 Year Old  specimens all exhibited a growth habit and growth rate resulting in 6 Ft x 3 Ft Dimensions at 10 Years. It looks like an Intermediate Weeper with a long-term 'Formal" Height-Width Ratio of 2-1 in our humble opinion. A beautiful rare weeping evergreen spruce conifer at any rate.