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Cultivars, LLC

    Sky Tower Conical Upright Ginkgo Male Base Size 1 Quart Air-Pot

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    Sky Tower Narrow Upright Ginkgo Biloba Male


    Shipping Height vs Shipping Container Size

    1 Quart Air-Pot: 1-2 Ft

    1 Gallon Air-Pot : 2-3 Ft

    2 Gallon Air-Pot: 3-4 Ft

    3 Gallon Air Pot: 4-5 Ft


    A somewhat Narrow Conical Upright Ginkgo Biloba, 'Sky-Tower' has beautiful golden foliage in autumn. Estimated 10 Year Dimensions: 16-20 Ft High by 6-10 Ft Wide. Lower Branches can be removed to achieve a "Clear-Stem' stature to conserve space in Urban or other limited space Landscape.

    As of September 2021, The Height of this '' Ginkgo Biloba Sky-Tower in a #3 Air-Pot is 2-3 Feet