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  • Anomala Hydrangea Climbing Hydrangea 1 Quart Pot

Anomala Hydrangea Climbing Hydrangea 1 Quart Pot

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'Anomala' Climbing Hydrangea Petiolaris

Botanical Reference: Hydrangea Petiolaris


Climbing hydrangea is an elegant vine with glossy green leaves and lacy white flowers in June. Useful for adding interest to walls, trees, and chimneys. Growers should provide a support at potting time. Also known as Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris and Hydrangea petiolarisH. anomala is the current accepted name.



NCNLA 2011 Showstopper Plant


USDA Zone 4 - 9 (-30°F/-34°C)

Exposure Full sun, Part sun

Height 10 - 30'

Width 10 - 20'

Finish Time 1 season

Type Deciduous

Bloom Time Early summer

Flower Color White

Foliage Color Green